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Equipment Engineer
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1, to assist competent to develop equipment repair and construction specifications. Responsible for the design, review and management of mechanical maintenance, process engineering drawings; responsible for the project after the completion of the technical data archiving, data integrity assurance techniques and follow-up continuity.
2, responsible for auditing the construction program.
3, assist in the development of machinery and equipment on a regular basis and is responsible for maintenance and repair program implementation.
4, the collection and analysis of the main process equipment failure information, to provide special need for improvement and feasibility analysis.
5, responsible for new equipment installation, commissioning, acceptance of all mechanical maintenance engineers and maintenance workers to provide technical training and technical support.
6, the device translation of foreign materials.
College education, male,30-45 years old. Has some major plant design, engineering maintenance department work experience, along with a certain project budget and construction machinery and equipment audit experience; strong information collection, judgment; interpersonal communication and coordination ability, practical ability; technical information in English reading capacity; has independent analysis of problem solving skills; induction, classification, statistical capacity. Skilled mechanical parts design, familiar with fabrication, assembly processes.
Mechanical Engineering
1, strong mechanical, hydraulic, lubrication, mechanical precision inspection and machine adjustment, pneumatic and other related knowledge;
2, mechanical equipment repair, maintenance knowledge, and failure analysis statistical principles.
3, familiar with the ISO-9001-2000 quality management system model;
4, mechanical product design standards and specifications.
5, the mechanical design
Electrical Engineering
1, a strong drive, hydraulic and pneumatic, power electronics, control, testing and other related knowledge.
2, familiar with the major PLC controller programming, and related troubleshooting and so on.
3, equipment maintenance, maintenance knowledge, and failure analysis statistical principles.
4, familiar with the ISO-9001-2000 quality management system model
5, electrical, electronic product design standards and test specifications.
6, power electronics, automation.

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