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Equipment Technician
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1, is responsible for the equipment as planned maintenance, repair, inspection, inspection, troubleshooting maintenance, assembly generally technical problems.
2, guiding the operator of the machinery equipment for proper maintenance and upkeep.
3, responsible for special tools or spare parts processing, homemade equipment, facilities for processing.
In the technical or secondary education, male,25-35 years old, work is meticulous, positive, proactive, responsible, teamwork and communication skills, will use the mainstream mechanical design software (Solidwork, Autocad) designed to be simple parts.
Mechanical Engineering
1, with general mechanical, hydraulic, lubrication, mechanical precision inspection and machine assembly, adjustment, and other related knowledge.
2, familiar with mechanical products processing, maintenance specifications.
3, to understand the main electrical drive equipment, the control part theory, basic knowledge of equipment maintenance.
4, mechanical design, machine tools or machine parts more than two years of maintenance experience, with on-site maintenance experience, strong hands, able to carry out equipment maintenance. Intermediate fitter.

Electrical Engineering
1, with a General Electric plant, equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance and other related knowledge.
2, familiar with electrical products processing, maintenance specifications. Familiar with the equipment and maintenance of equipment, instruments used.
3, to understand the main electrical drive equipment, the control unit principle, production equipment maintenance basics.
4, more than two years experience in electrical installations or system maintenance, electrician with intermediate skills required; with field maintenance experience, strong hands, can independently test and repair equipment.
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